• Who We Work With

    • Patients

    • Healthcare Leadership

    • Clinicians

    • Researchers

    • Policy Makers

  • Our Goal

    • To ensure the latest research is translated into improvements to care and outcomes for Manitobans

  • Our Commitment to Manitobans

    • Engaging patients as full partners in care

    • Providing healthcare professionals and policy makers with the best available evidence to make informed decisions

  • Our Commitment to Manitobans

    • Supporting the development of innovative and
      cutting edge research

    • Making crucial knowledge and research findings accessible

  • Choosing Wisely

    The Choosing Wisely collaboration helps physicians and patients:

    • Engage in conversations about unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures

    • Make smart and effective choices to ensure high-quality care

  • REDCap

    • CHI's REDCap Team hosts and coordinates data management for
      evidence based medical researchers in Manitoba.

    • We employ the broadly adopted, internationally acclaimed REDCap software platform.

What is CHI?