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What is a group entry password?

About Wildcards

Wildcards are intended for the following scenario:

Say you have a large group of attendee's that you want to see an event page on CHIMb.ca but you want it and all of it's attached videos, documents, and links to remain private. The old way of doing this was to make each attendee a member of CHIMb.ca and add them as attendees to that particular event.

This is ok if most of them are already members and there are just 10 to 20 attendees. However, what if it is for 500 people? That is a lot of people to add as individual attendees! and yet you still want this event to be private!


Now with wildcards you can create an event that is 'visible to attendees and hosts' and in the wildcard field of that event's edit page type in you choice of password, ie 'northern_anesthesiologists'.
When someone tries to visit that page they will be asked for the wildcard pass-phrase. If they have it they will get in and be able to view all the content.


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