10. Assessing the Feasibility of your Research Idea

It is a good idea to determine the feasibility of your research project before committing your or someone else's resources to it. Often this assessment is optional and can be done informally, for instance via peer-review. Occasionally, the review is compulsory and is conducted by your employer (e.g., an academic department), by a data trustee like the WRHA Research Access and Approval Committee (WRHA-RAAC) or by a data steward like Manitoba Centre for Health Policy (MCHP). A feasibility review addresses questions such as, does the data or desired research population exist, can the data be obtained from existing data sets, who is interested in funding or collaborating in the project etc.

10.1 Clinical Trials Feasibility Assessment

If you are developing a clinical trial, there are templates for trial feasibility assessment. A sample form is available from the University of California San Francisco

10.2 Observational Studies Feasibility Assessment

If you plan to use administrative databases in Manitoba, MCHP requires an application for feasibility evaluation. The application form and submission information can be accessed at the MCHP website.