First Steps to Engaging

5 Key Reminders about Engagement

  1. The Earlier the Better – Start engagement at the earliest possible stage of the research project.
  2. Be Accessible – It takes time and effort to build these relationships.
  3. Choose an Inclusive Participatory Approach – The appropriate method depends on the research and the people you are working with. Remember to ask your patient/public partners how they prefer to be engaged.
  4. Safety First – Have a discussion about safety and safe spaces with your research team including patient/public partners. What does safety mean to everyone, what does it look like and what does it feel like? Understand that experiential knowledge shared by patient/public partners may be intertwined with experiences of trauma, so the importance of having appropriate supports (e.g. counselors, Elders, etc.) present is very important.

  5. Ensure People Feel Supported – Ask how you can help meet patient/public partners' needs, and provide them with necessary resources.


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