Why Should I Engage?

Why Patient and Public Engagement?

By ensuring health research addresses topics that are important to patients, caregivers, and the public, patient and public engagement improves research quality, appropriateness, acceptability, transparency, and relevance.

The ultimate goal of patient and public engagement in health research at CHI is to improve the health outcomes of ALL Manitobans, as well as enhancing the healthcare system.

Research teams have found that patient and public engagement:

  • Helps identify research priorities that matter most to people living with the health issue under study.

  • Helps shape and clarify research questions so they reflect the needs and concerns of patients, caregivers and communities.

  • Helps ensure methods proposed for the study are appropriate, acceptable and sensitive to real-world contexts.

  • Helps selection of outcomes that are meaningful to patients, informal caregivers, and communities.

  • Helps ensure the language and content of information provided to study participants is accessible.

  • Helps increase participation in a research study.

  • Identifies a wider set of research topics or new areas of research.

  • Allows interpretation of research findings from the perspective of people with lived experience to inform recommendations that will help improve the lives of patients, informal caregivers, and communities.

  • Ensures that research reflects patient and public interests and values and that money and resources are used efficiently.

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