PREPPP Funding Award

Preparing for Research by Engaging Public & Patient Partners (PREPPP) Award

Congratulations to the 5 winners of our Fall 2019 PREPPP Awards! Read more about their proposed engagement here.

 L to R: Nika Klaprat (Research Coordinator with Dr. Jon McGavock); Dr. Kristin Reynolds; Dr. Kellie Thiessen; Dave Kent (Research Coordinator with Dr. Rakesh Arora)


Previous winners:

Spring 2019

  • Dr. Cara Brown: Extending the Safety Net - How Can Interprofessional Primary Care Teams Facilitate Successful Hospital Discharges?
  • Dr. Lily Lim: Informing Outcomes of Adults with Childhood-Onset Chronic Rheumatic Diseases - A Partnership in Research with Patients and Their Families
  • Dr. Jennifer Protudjer: Partnering with Adolescents to Inform a Nation-Wide Food Allergy and Mental Health Program

Read more about their projects.

Fall 2018 

  • Dr. Geert 't Jong: Canadian Pediatric Drug Compendium
  • Dr. Jennifer Protudjer: Pediatric food allergy and mental health: Learning from parents, providers and partners
  • Dr. Todd Duhamel: Enhancing recovery after cardiac surgery by engaging patients in research development
  • Dr. Kathryn Levine: Engaging women with intellectual disabilities and criminal justice involvement: A participatory action research project
  • Dr. Patricia Thille: Addressing weight-related stigmatization in health care
  • Dr. Robin Westmacott: Engagement in Research and Healthcare Decision-Making Regarding Gender Confirming Surgery Referral

Spring 2018 

  • Dr. Kendra L. Rieger: Engaging Patients and Elders in an Exploration of Indigenous Women’s Experiences of Breast Cancer Using Digital Storytelling
  • Dr. Sadeesh Srinathan: Patient Engagement: ThORacic Surgery CoHort Study (TORCH)
  • Dr. Alex Singer: A Population-based Assessment of the Long-term Impacts of Unnecessary Investigations and Treatments on Patients and the Health System
  • Dr. Christine Leong: Insights into the Use of Sedative-Hypnotic/Anxiolytics in Primary Care: A mixed-methods study to develop self-management strategies in the community
  • Dr. Kellie Thiessen: Welcoming the ‘Sacred Spirit’ (child): Connecting Indigenous and Western ‘ways of knowing’ to inform future policy partnerships to optimize maternal child health service delivery initiatives in remote Canadian regions
  • Dr. Alex Aregbesola: Reshaping Type 2 Diabetes Care in Manitoba: Considering Remission as an Option
  • Dr. Alex Korall: Engaging Patient and Public Partners in a Scoping Review to Map the Extent, Nature and Range of Research Activity on James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnerships
  • Dr. Anna Chudyk: Reflecting on Models and Frameworks of Patient Engagement
  • Dr. Dylan MacKay: Assessing Patient Acceptance of Alternate Dietary Therapies to Improve Protein Malnutrition in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
  • Dr. Murdoch Leeies: Intravenous Immune Globulin in Septic Shock (InVIGIS) to Improve Outcomes in Patients with Life-Threatening Infection

Fall 2017 

  • Dr. Gayle Halas and Dr. Shelley Zieroth: Heart Failure Referral Pathways
  • Dr. David William Allen: Software Electrocardiogram Interpretation and Transmission to Prevent Treatment Delay in ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction (SCI-NET)
  • Dr. Kristy Wittmeier and Dr. Kerstin Gerhold: Collaborating to improve care for children and teens with chronic pain
  • Dr. Maya M. Jeyaraman: Effectiveness of interventions and strategies to reduce emergency department wait times: A systematic review
  • Michelle Meade and Melissa Fuerst: Service Integration for Young Adults with Type 2 Diabetes
  • Dr. Naser Ibrahim: Engaging First Nations communities in research priority decision making: What is the next Research Question that needs to be answered in your community?
  • Dr. Natalie Riediger: On the Ground: Research Engagement at the Bell Tower
  • Dr. S. Michelle Driedger: Changing the patient-HCP dialogue: fostering trust through joint clinical decision making
  • Dr. Brett Houston, MD: A Multicentre, Double-blind, Randomized, Placebo Controlled Pilot Trial to Determine Whether Administration of Tranexamic Acid (TXA) Reduces Blood Transfusion in Patients Undergoing Major Non-cardiac Surgery
  • Leanne Dunne: Development of a Patient Engagement Tool: A Book Designed by Youth for Youth with Type 2 Diabetes


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