Guiding Principles of Engagement

Guiding Principles of Patient and Public Engagement in Health Research


Integrating diverse patient & public perspectives

Research that reflects diverse contributions

Ensuring all voices, including those often unheard in health research, are part of the research process


For patient and public partners to be able to fully and meaningfully contribute

Creating safe environments

Using anti-oppressive and trauma-informed approaches

Capacity-building - providing access to appropriate training, education, and compensation for patient and public partners

Mutual Respect & Partnership

The value of experiential knowledge is recognized by all research team members


Patients, caregivers, the public, health researchers, healthcare practitioners, decision- and policy-makers all work together

Collaboratively identifying problems and gaps, setting research priorities, and creating and implementing solutions


Patient and public partners learn more about the research process

Researchers, health practitioners, policy- and decision-makers learn more about patient and public engagement

Reciprocal Relationships

Shared power and decision-making throughout the research process

Co-ownership of research data and outcomes

Transparency, Honesty & Trust

Open and two-way communication

Development of guiding principles

Critical reflexive practice

Conflict resolution