James Lind Alliance

James Lind Alliance

The James Lind Alliance (JLA) priority-setting partnerships (PSP) method enables healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers to work together to identify and prioritize important uncertainties in a particular health area (whether a specific health condition, healthcare programs, services or interventions) that could be answered by research. Recently, this rigorous method has been used beyond the scope of treatment uncertainties to other areas of research priority-setting.


The JLA method consists of:

  1. Bringing together patient partners, informal caregivers and healthcare professionals on equal footing to identify treatment uncertainties which are important to ALL groups
  2. All groups work together to prioritize the identified uncertainties
  3. Using knowledge synthesis methods like systematic reviews to see whether there has been any previous research done with regard to the identified uncertainties
  4. Producing a final list (often a 'Top 10') of jointly-agreed upon research priorities, publicizing them widely and making sure that other uncertainties are recorded and available for researchers and research funders to access


The JLA method is useful for:

  • Providing a rare and valuable opportunity for patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals to shape the research agenda


Note: This method requires a large amount of resources, supports and time commitment.

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