Comment Forms

Comment Forms

Comment Forms can be done in paper format or online and they address a decision around the research process (e.g. research priorities that are important to you, outcomes that are important to you, questions that are important to you, things to consider in the design, evaluating the success of the research project, etc.) and are distributed to patient/public partners and returned to the research team upon completion.


Comment Forms can be useful for:

  • Obtaining individual feedback and perspectives around research decisions.
  • Creating an opportunity for those who may be less vocal in a larger group to share their thoughts and perspectives about research decisions.
  • Receiving feedback that will be focused to a particular research decision such as priority areas, questions, outcomes and evaluation metrics that are important to those with lived experience of the health issue.


Note: The questions you pose on your form are essential and will focus the types of responses you will receive.  


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