Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling is an innovative way for patient/public partners to inform research decisions such as: research priorities that mean the most to people with lived experience of the health issue, and research questions that reflect the needs and concerns of caregivers. Patient/public partners are brought together to create a short film (less than five minutes) and share their stories and voices from perspectives that are typically less heard. Stories can be a combination of recorded narratives with music, images or video footage. The video can help the research team in prioritizing areas that people with lived experience of a health issue(s) feel should be investigated further in the research process.


Digital Storytelling can be useful for:

  • Creating opportunities for patient/public partners to share their stories or ideas around what area of research should be prioritized in the research project.
  • Getting a better understanding of diverse perspectives around research decisions.
  • Allowing for creative ways of self-expression for patient/public partners.
  • Sharing powerful stories and creating opportunities for change in the research process.


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