Fishbowl Process

Fishbowl Process

The Fishbowl Process is when a research team (which includes patient/public partners) opens their meeting up to the general public, and invites people to observe while they have a regular meeting. This allows for members of the general public to witness how decisions are made within the research team, and allows communities an opportunity to ask questions and provide comments around research decisions.


The Fishbowl Process can be useful for:

  • Providing transparency and increasing trust among the public and the research team.
  • Sharing honestly with the general public how health researchers, decision makers, policy makers, patient/public partners and healthcare professionals work together and come to make research decisions.
  • When the research topic is complex and requires additional insights and perspectives.


Note: Have one chair at the research team table open so that members of the general public can come in and join the research team and get a chance to speak at the table. 


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