Patient & Public Engagement in Health Research

What is Patient and Public Engagement in Health Research?

People, informal caregivers, families, friends, and communities with lived experience of health issues having a say in decision-making about the research process - including research priorities, questions, outcome measures, design, methodology, data collection, interpretation of results, and dissemination.

Patient and Public Engagement is NOT:

  • Recruiting participants for a clinical trial or research study

  • Completing a questionnaire, participating in a focus group

  • Raising awareness through public science festivals, presentations, media/social media, or open days at research centres/labs

  • Dissemination of research to participants, colleagues, or the public


What is Patient-Oriented Research (POR)?

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research's Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) defines patient-oriented research as a continuum of research that:

1. Engages patients as partners

2. Focuses on patient-identified priorities

3. Improves patient outcomes

4. Is conducted by multidisciplinary teams with relevant stakeholders

5. Aims to apply the knowledge generated to improve healthcare systems and practices

What Does CHI Do?

CHI sees patient and public involvement in health research as an integrated approach with Patient/Public Engagement Champions located in all seven of our platforms.


CHI’s patient and public engagement strategy is a three-pronged approach:

1) Support and facilitate the practice of patient/public engagement in health research

2) Build and strengthen patient/public engagement partnerships

3) Advance the science of patient/public engagement in health research