Support for Patient-oriented Health Research

CHI is proud to house Manitoba's Support for People and Patient-Oriented Research and Trials (SUPPORT) Unit

What is a SUPPORT unit?

Support for People and Patient-Oriented Research and Trials (SUPPORT) Units are a part of Canada's Strategy for Patient Oriented Research, (SPOR). Under this strategy, a network of units will be established across the country to facilitate research innovation, make healthcare more effective and improve patient engagement across the country.

The objectives of a SUPPORT Unit are to:

• Identify and address the needs of patients and knowledge users by facilitating research;
• Provide specialized and multidisciplinary methodological expertise in patient-oriented research
and its application;
• Assist decision makers and investigators to identify and design research studies, conduct biostatistical
analyses, manage data, provide and teach project management skills, and ensure studies meet
regulatory standards;
• Advance methods and training in comparative effectiveness research and develop the next
generation of methodologists;
• Provide timely access to data including linked datasets and integrate existing or new databases.

(Source: Canadian Institutes of Health Research).


CHI houses Manitoba's SUPPORT Unit – a research infrastructure that provides guidance, support and services to researchers and clinicians looking to improve the quality and quantity of clinical research in Manitoba, accelerating the integration of research findings into practice.

CHI experts and leaders in the areas of Knowledge Synthesis, Knowledge Translation, Project Management, Data Science, Health Systems Performance, Evaluation and Clinical Trials will work interchangeably with each other to develop projects that will challenge, innovate and transform the healthcare system. 

What does this mean to you?

  • Delivery of high-quality care to you and your family by providing healthcare professions and policy makers with the best available evidence to make informed decision surrounding treatment
  • Clinical trials and research will provide your healthcare provider with the newest information on the effectiveness, benefits and harms of existing treatment options
  • Giving you a voice: we will engage patients and citizens as full partners in this unique initiative
  • Strengthened clinical care and better delivery of health care services will be facilitated by project management and process improvements
  • We’ll work to improve the translation of innovative preventative, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to healthcare, increasing your access to these services