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About CHI Knowledge Translation

The Knowledge Translation (KT) platform helps to close the know-do gap in health research through the synthesis, exchange, application and dissemination of knowledge to improve health, the health-care system, and health service delivery.

Our Services

  • Guidance and support for integrating evidence-based KT interventions to change health-care practice and policy
  • Advise on strategies to facilitate the involvement of patients and members of the public throughout the research process
  • Guide and develop KT-related dissemination strategies and multimedia tools such as videos, infographics, education materials and op-eds
  • Advance the science of KT and PE through the understanding of KT methods and interventions

Research Expertise

  • We consult on integrated KT and end of grant KT plans including budget and evaluation
  • We conduct research to advance the science of KT and patient engagement
  • We can help you apply KT theories and frameworks to guide your research project

Knowledge Translation featured publications

2017 A descriptive qualitative examination of knowledge translation practice among health researchers in Manitoba, Canada.

BMC health services research, ObservationalStudy , 1

Kathryn M Sibley, Patricia L Roche, Courtney P Bell, Beverley Temple, Kristy D M Wittmeier

Showinpubmed - PMID:28874152

Our Team


Kathryn Sibley, PhD

Director, Knowledge Translation platform

Kathryn Sibley is Associate Director, Knowledge Translation at the Centre for Healthcare Innovation and an Assistant Professor in Community Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba. She completed her undergraduate training in Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo, graduate degrees in Rehabilitation and Medical Sciences at the University of Toronto, and postdoctoral fellowship at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute- University Health Network. She has received personnel and research support from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, and Knowledge Translation Canada.

The goal of Dr. Sibley’s research is to improve the health of Canadians by accelerating the translation of research evidence into health care. She works to advance knowledge translation science by understanding and supporting use of knowledge translation science in health research, and by integrating it in her applied research implementing optimized balance exercise for fall prevention in older adults. She welcomes communication from potential collaborators and trainees with mutual interests.

tel: 204.594.5354
fax: 204.594.5394


Carly Leggett, B.Kin, B.Ed, MPH

Manager & Practice Lead, Knowledge Translation

Prior to joining the CHI team, Carly worked for five years in the Epidemiology Department of CancerCare Manitoba. In addition to a Bachelor of Kinesiology and Bachelor of Education, she completed her Masters in Public Health in 2010 with a specialty in Social Behavioural Sciences and Chronic Disease Epidemiology. Over the past few years Carly has been involved in various aspects of the In Sixty Initiative, the Manitoba Youth Health Survey and the Manitoba First Nations Youth Tobacco Survey. She spent three years as the coordinator for Partners in Planning for Healthy Living which included the coordination of their surveillance activities, knowledge exchange group and 23 member organizations.

tel: 204.230.6445


Rachel Carlson



Patrick Faucher

Creative & Strategic Services Lead

Before joining the CHI team as Knowledge Translation Media Specialist, Patrick worked in the private sector for eight years at one of Manitoba’s leading advertising and communications agencies. Initially a creative professional, his role evolved to encompass strategic development, bridging creative thinking with analytic acumen. There he conceptualized and implemented strategic communications plans, design and digital media solutions for private enterprise, government clients and non-profit organizations. He has particular expertise in promoting initiatives designed to grow understanding, accessibility, and engagement in public services and motivating behavior adoption to improve health and quality of life.

Patrick holds a Joint Communications Degree from the University of Winnipeg and is an Honours graduate of Red River College’s Creative Communications Program.

tel: 204.594.5350
fax: 204.594.5394


Carolyn Shimmin

Patient & Public Engagement Lead

Carolyn Shimmin is a Knowledge Translation Coordinator at the George and Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation.  In this role, she helps lead CHI’s strategy on public involvement in health research. Previous experience includes stakeholder engagement, research, writing and reporting on various health policy issues including mental health, addictions, trauma and the sexual exploitation of youth. Areas of interest include patient engagement, knowledge translation, trauma-informed approaches, intersectional analysis, and poststructuralist queer theory. Carolyn has a Bachelor of Journalism Combined Honours Political Science and a Master of Gender Studies.

tel: 204.594.5353
fax: 204.594.5394


Amanda Osorio

Training, Education and Event Coordinator

Amanda Osorio is the Training, Education and Event Coordinator for the Centre for Healthcare Innovation.

She joined the Knowledge Translation Platform from the Project Management Platform, where she had been working since September 2010.  There she supported a team of over 20 professionals while growing her organizational and time management skills.  It was during this time that she furthered her interest and efficiency in coordinating events and workshops.

She graduated with honours in late 2002; receiving her Administrative Assistant diploma.  Since that time she has worked in various capacities; supporting a sales team of over 10 individuals, as well as working in a project driven environment developing and maintaining new procedures.

Amanda joined the KT Platform in December 2014.  It is her strong administrative skills and eagerness to learn that make her an asset to CHI.

tel: 204.594.5348
fax: 204.594.5394


Patricia Roche, BSc, MSc

Knowledge Broker

Patricia is a Knowledge Broker in the Knowledge Translation platform at the George and Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation. Her expertise includes knowledge translation theory and practice, particularly in basic biomedical sciences, patient engagement, facilitation, social media, and academic writing. She has a background in Biochemistry (BSc) and Physiology (MSc).

tel: 204.594.5355


Ogai Sherzoi (on leave)

Knowledge Broker

Ogai Sherzoi is a Knowledge Broker at the George and Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation (CHI).  She is also the CHAC grant project coordinator— for the mental health promotion of refugees and newcomers. Additionally, Ogai is a practicing Therapist providing counselling services to children and youth; and works at Addictions Foundation of Manitoba in youth treatment programming. Ogai holds a Master of Social Work from the University of Manitoba, including a Child and Youth Care Diploma, Human Ecology in Family Social Sciences, and a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW).  She is also a registered social worker (RSW) through the MB College of Social Workers.  As part of her graduate research, Ogai conducted a photovoice project with Canadian immigrants and refugees.  This project shed light on the barriers faced by persons in these communities when it comes to accessing mental health services.

tel: 204-594-5360


Masood Khan

Research Coordinator

Masood has a background in qualitative research with a focus on ethnography. Prior to joining the Knowledge Translation platform, he was involved in several research projects at the University of Manitoba and University of Winnipeg. His research work spans a wide variety of areas that include gender-based violence, rural ethnography, mobility and migration, municipal corporate security, and criminology and criminal justice. Masood’s emerging interest in applied health research has brought him to the KT platform, where he is eager to learn and develop KT skills. 



Alexandra Korall

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Alexandra Korall is a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Knowledge Translation Platform at the George & Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation at the University of Manitoba. She holds a BSc in Kinesiology with a specialization in Ergonomics and Human Factors, and a PhD in Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology (both awarded from Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada). Her PhD research was mainly focused on the prevention of fall-related hip fractures in residents of long-term care through wearable hip protectors. A key focus of Alexandra’s Post-Doctoral research will be to examine barriers and enablers to uptake of patient, caregiver and clinician identified research priorities among health researchers in Canada.

tel: 204.594.5324

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