Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap)

About REDCap

REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a web-based program designed to support electronic data capture for research data management. REDCap was developed at Vanderbilt University and is in use at over 3,000 sites around the world. REDCap contains various built-in tools for assessing data quality, generating reports, graphs and descriptive statistics, and sharing access among team members.

REDCap was implemented locally by the Data Science platform at the George & Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation. It is supported by the Data Science platform and the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences MedIT group.


Accessing REDCap and the Secure Research Environment

REDCap is available to researchers, research staff, and trainees who conduct research projects approved by the University of Manitoba Research Ethics Board (REB). To meet the University of Manitoba’s data security and confidentiality requirements, REDCap has been implemented for health researchers using three independent servers:

  • Training Server: Used for learning purposes and project set up. Real-world data, including de-identified data, cannot be collected using this server.
  • Surveys Server: For study participants to respond to online surveys.
  • Production Server: For clinical research data captured. This server is housed within the Secure Research Environment (SRE) of the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences.

The Secure Research Environment (SRE) is a virtualized system maintained by MedIT of the Max Rady College of Medicine. The SRE contains a collection of analytics tools that provide researchers with a central location for access to, and processing of, research data and secure short- and long-term data storage. An SRE account and security token are required to access the SRE. 

A security token is required to access the SRE. There is a fee associated with token acquisition. The security token can be transferred to a new user at no cost, as long as it is transferred to another team member within the same research project.  The new user is required to submit the SRE application form and required supporting documents.

Requirements and supporting information for accessing REDCap/SRE:

Applications to access REDCap and/or SRE:

Please submit the completed application form(s) with all supporting documentation to

Other Research Computing Resources:

If your needs are more for higher performance computing, please visit Compute Canada.

Westgrid is a consortium of Western Canadian universities and other partners that provides high performance computing resources for Canadian research projects. Westgrid is an integral part of the National Computing Platform of ComputeCanada. It encompasses 14 partner institutions in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. 

Please review the WestGrid support model and contact the WestGrid helpdesk to request assistance:

REDCap Training

Vanderbilt University offers an extensive collection of REDCap training videos that are an excellent resource for you and your research team members. 

Link to the training videos: (login not required).

Read the REDCap FAQs for more information.

REDCap Citations

Please cite the publications below in study manuscripts using REDCap for data collection and management. We recommend the following boilerplate language:

Study data were collected and managed using REDCap electronic data capture tools hosted at University of Manitoba. 1,2 REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a secure, web-based software platform designed to support data capture for research studies, providing 1) an intuitive interface for validated data capture; 2) audit trails for tracking data manipulation and export procedures; 3) automated export procedures for seamless data downloads to common statistical packages; and 4) procedures for data integration and interoperability with external sources.

1PA Harris, R Taylor, R Thielke, J Payne, N Gonzalez, JG. Conde, Research electronic data capture (REDCap) – A metadata-driven methodology and workflow process for providing translational research informatics support, J Biomed Inform. 2009 Apr; 42(2):377-81.

2PA Harris, R Taylor, BL Minor, V Elliott, M Fernandez, L O’Neal, L McLeod, G Delacqua, F Delacqua, J Kirby, SN Duda, REDCap Consortium, The REDCap consortium: Building an international community of software partners, J Biomed Inform. 2019 May 9 [doi: 10.1016/j.jbi.2019.103208]

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