About REDCap

REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a web-based program for clinical research data management developed at Vanderbilt University and in use at over 3,000 sites around the world. REDCap’s popularity arises from its ease of use, as well as its many built-in tools for assessing data quality, generating reports, graphs and descriptive statistics, sharing access among team members and automatically creating audit trails.

With the mandate of supporting the data management needs of health research projects throughout the province, REDCap has been implemented locally by the CHI Data Science platform and the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences MedIT group. Using the Faculty’s Secure Research Environment (SRE) to house the REDCap Production Server, our installation of REDCap provides a secure and inexpensive alternative for health research data entry and storage.

Who Can Access REDCap?

If you’re an investigator, staff, or trainee conducting health research approved by the UM Health Research Ethics Board (HREB) or Biomedical Research Ethics Board (BREB), then you’re eligible to use our implementation of REDCap. Consider attending one of our REDCap overview/demonstration sessions to learn more and to see REDCap in action (see “REDCap Training”).


Accessing REDCap

To meet our local data security and confidentiality requirements, REDCap has been implemented in Manitoba for health researchers using three independent servers:

  • REDCap Production Server - where a research team directly enters clinical research data (housed within the Max Rady College of Medicine Secure Research Environment (SRE))
  • REDCap Surveys Server - where study participants respond to online surveys
  • REDCap Training Server - where a research team learns about REDCap and sets up its projects (No real data are permitted on this server)

The following documents describe how to get access to REDCap and the Secure Research Environment.

Application forms (please complete fully, sign and return as scanned PDF files)


 For more information, e-mail

REDCap Training

There are a number of ways you can learn more about REDCap.

First, we recommend that you attend our "REDCap Overview & Demo for PIs and Study Coordinators" session. It's a 2-hour, informal session highlighting key features of REDCap and describing our implementation and guidelines for access. This is recommended even for those who've used REDCap elsewhere as our implementation is quite different from most other sites. Generally we offer this session once or twice/month.

Second, the developers at Vanderbilt University have an excellent collection of free training videos ( This is presently our primary vehicle for REDCap training. Our Guide to REDCap Videos can help you select the relevant videos you might find helpful (see below in REDCap Quick Guides).

We also offer three two-hour sessions REDCap 101, REDCap 102, and REDCap 103  that progressively offer increasingly advanced levels of REDCap training. These are generally offered once or twice per year. And we offer a REDCap Tips & Tricks/Q&A session, intended for those who are using REDCap and would like to learn more intermediate-level features.

Upcoming Schedule:

"REDCap Overview & Demo for PIs and Study Coordinators"
Jan 25/19  10am-12pm
Feb 22/19  10am-12pm
Mar 29/19  10am-12pm
Apr 26/19  10am-12pm
May 24/19  10am-12pm

Prev sessions: Nov 30/18, Oct 12/18, Sep 28/18

Other REDCap training sessions
Stay tuned!

For more information or to register for a session, contact  Online registration coming soon!


Workshop Outlines:

"REDCap Overview & Demo for PIs and Study Coordinators"

  • What is REDCap and why use it?
  • Quick overview of our installation - REDCap servers, Secure Research Environment (SRE)
  • The REDCap user interface – Projects, menu, applications
  • An example project
    • Data collection instruments, field types
  • User Rights
  • Logging
  • Data Exports, Reports and Stats
  • Data Quality tool
  • More details about accessing REDCap in our installation


"REDCap 101 - Introduction to REDCap for Data Entry"

  • Overview of our installation - REDCap servers and Secure Research Environment (SRE)
  • Signing in / Managing your user profile
  • The REDCap user interface
    • Projects
    • REDCap menu
    • Project Home
  • Adding data for a new record
    • Save operation and variations
    • Form completion status
    • Validation checks
    • Reset, Field Comment Log, and Data History buttons
  • Navigating within a data record
    • Moving between forms (Data Collection Instruments)
    • Branching logic
  • Navigating between data records
    • Record Status Dashboard
    • Data Search function
  • Editing data
  • Longitudinal Projects – Events and Instruments
  • Other topics:
    • Record locking
    • Double data entry
    • Data Quality tool
    • Running already-built reports
    • Data Access Groups
    • Data Resolution Workflow
  • Accessing the Secure Research Environment (SRE)


"REDCap 102 - REDCap Project Management"

  • Anatomy of a REDCap Project: How REDCap projects are organized
  • Generating Stats & Charts
  • Creating Reports
  • Data Dictionary Codebook
  • Running and Creating Data Quality checks
  • Assigning User Rights to Team Members
  • Data Access Groups
  • Logging – Project History and Comments Log
  • Exporting Data Out of REDCap
  • “Production” vs “Development” Project Status
  • Advanced Filtering with Reports
  • Getting Accounts for Team Members
  • More on the Secure Research Environment (SRE)/Troubleshooting


"REDCap 103 - REDCap Project Development"

  • Creating Projects
  • Project Design Considerations
  • Project Setup
  • The Online Designer
    • Field Types
    • Field Attributes
    • Calculated Fields
    • Piping
    • Branching Logic
  • The Data Dictionary (“Offline”) approach
    • Generating a Data Dictionary from an existing project
    • Building your own Data Dictionary to create a project
    • Transferring project templates from Training Server to Production Server
  • Longitudinal Projects
  • Online Surveys – Brief introduction
  • “Development” vs “Production” Project Status
  • What next?


REDCap Quick Guides