Incorporation of Resource Stewardship into the University of Manitoba Undergraduate Medical Education Program

Choosing Wisely Canada considers resource stewardship to be an important part of the Choosing Wisely initiative. Physician behaviours that lead to unnecessary care can develop early during medical training. Embedding resource stewardship at this early stage allows for a bottom-up approach of changing the medical culture from “more is better” to an approach that considers multiple factors such as the evidence base and the individual patient.

Students and Trainees Advocating for Resource Stewardship (STARS) is a grassroots, student-led campaign that seeks to change the culture of medical education by addressing the behaviours that can lead to unnecessary care. Since 2015, students have been nominated from each of Canada’s 17 medical schools to participate in Choosing Wisely Canada’s leadership training program.

In the summer of 2016, two medical students who were part of a resource stewardship medical student interest group at the Max Rady College of Medicine, received funding to examine ways of enhancing stewardship in the undergraduate medical education program (UGME). 

Following a review of the pre-clerkship medical curriculum, a variety of learning materials, including readings, interactive lectures, team-based learning sessions and online modules were developed, incorporating Choosing Wisely Canada recommendations. A pre and post implementation survey was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of these materials on student’s attitudes and knowledge of resource stewardship.

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