Health Systems Performance

Current & Upcoming Priorities

Health Systems Performance Priorities 

  • Expanding Audit and Feedback Services
  • Establishing reporting and monitoring processes with subspecialties
  • Developing a regional registry


Choosing Wisely Manitoba Project Priorities  

About CHI Health Systems Performance

CHI’s Health Systems Performance (HSP) platform is committed to developing and implementing solutions that promote access to appropriate, effective and safe health care for all Manitobans. We lead mixed-methods research to gain a deep understanding of the health-care system’s most pressing challenges, and use clinical indicators, process and quality improvement methods to redesign and strengthen the system.

Our Services

The HSP team offers consultative services across many areas, including:

  • Health systems design
  • Quality assurance & improvement
  • Appropriateness of testing and treatment
  • Health leadership
  • Patient safety

Research Expertise

Members of our team lead, support and participate in key projects, including:

  • Central intake processes for delivering scheduled care
  • The use of indicators and reporting to improve patient care
  • Patient flow
  • Primary care renewal

Our Team


Dr Bohm works at the Concordia Hip and Knee Institute in Winnipeg, Canada where he specializes in primary and revision hip and knee replacement surgery.  He has undergraduate degrees in both mechanical engineering and medicine from McMasterUniversity, and a graduate degree in Community Health and Epidemiology from DalhousieUniversity.  He completed his orthopedic residency at the University of Saskatchewan, and undertook an arthroplasty fellowship at DalhousieUniversity in Halifax.  In 2009, he completed the prestigious ABC orthopaedic fellowship, visiting the UK, Ireland and South Africa. 

His areas of research interest include access to healthcare, health care quality indicators, clinical trials, implant retrieval analysis, and radiographic stereometric analysis.  He currently chairs the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Orthopedic standards committee, the Canadian Orthopedic Association National Standards committee, and the advisory committee of the Canadian Joint Replacement.  He serves as medical advisor to the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority’s orthopedic waitlist, joint replacement registry and central intake program.  He is also a member of the George and Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation, where he serves as lead for Health System Performance.

Director, System Performance

tel: 204.926.1212


As Manitoba Research Chair in Health System Innovation, Sara is Assistant Professor with the Department of Community Health Sciences and a member of CHI's Health Systems Performance Platform. She spent eight years as an embedded researcher with the WRHA before moving into an academic role, and continues to work closely with health-system managers and policymakers at the regional and provincial levels.

Sara's mixed-methods research centers on the question of how best to design and implement models of health-services delivery. She is currently leading two large projects: (1) a multi-jurisdictional comparative case study, encompassing the 10 urban health regions and zones of Western Canada, to discover the drivers of regional variation in patient flow performance and identify the most promising strategies for improvement (CIHR funded), and (2) a province-wide study assessing system-level strategies for the improvement or "renewal" of primary care (Research Manitoba funded). She is also developing an integrative explanatory model of system change.

A Rhodes Scholar, Sara obtained her doctorate in Social Psychology at Oxford University (2004), and her expertise in social identity theory and organizational psychology continue to inform her work. She was also a 2010-11 Harkness Fellow in Health Care Policy and Practice.

Manitoba Research Chair in Health System Innovation

tel: 204.594.5377
fax: 204.594.5394


Sarah joined the Centre for Healthcare Innovation (CHI) in 2012 when she worked as a Project Manager and Policy Analyst. She has recently returned to the CHI as a Research Project Manager, supporting the Health Systems Performance (HSP) platform.

Sarah has a strong and diverse background in health where she has worked for close to 20 years as a public health policy analyst and program/project manager.  She spent five years managing the funding distribution, reporting and evaluation of a Grants and Contributions program in Western Canada.  She has managed a variety of programs and projects in public health across Canada, as well as providing project management support for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Medicine. 

Sarah has extensive experience with stakeholder and physician engagement as well as leading multi-sector, national, provincial and regional consultations and working groups to develop joint initiatives and policies in a range of health care topics.

In her role as Project Manager with HSP, Sarah is responsible for managing and overseeing our Choosing Wisely Manitoba initiatives in collaboration with Diagnostic Services Manitoba as well as the work we undertake to support health systems design, quality assurance and improvement and patient safety.


Research Project Manager

tel: 204.594.5372

Health Systems Performance Recent Publications


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Training Opportunities

The Health Systems Performance platform offers a variety of workshops, courses, and one-on-one training sessions. These are offered for investigators, research staff, and clinical trainees in such areas as:

  • Health Systems and Systems Change (graduate course)
  • Student Supervision (undergraduate and graduate level)
  • CHI’s Health Leadership Course

HSP News