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About CHI Evaluation

The Evaluation platform helps to improve health services for Manitobans by offering health-care leaders the evidence and solutions they need to move forward. We can support the development of new programs or process changes, determine the impact of existing programs and identify opportunities for improvement. We can also help understand the population a program serves, uncover disparities in health outcomes and integrate existing research evidence into your program design.

Our Services

We offer a variety of services to ensure you get the answers you need:

  • Consultations on research/evaluation needs and design with a focus on asking the ‘right question’
  • Evidence-based approaches to evaluation
  • Critical appraisal and synthesis of evidence
  • Health economic analysis
  • Case studies to understand previous decision-making efforts
  • Population health assessment for planning and targeting Community engagement

Research Expertise

Our multidisciplinary team of health and related professionals use quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods that involve the collection and analysis of various types of data:

  • Clinical and administrative
  • Census
  • Interview, focus group, survey
  • Observation
  • Literature and documents

Research Ethics & Approval

All research involving humans (including) staff performed in WRHA related facilities, programs or services must seek and obtain approval from one of the Research Ethics Boards (REBs) constituted by the University of Manitoba.  WRHA employees, those individuals with written contracts for services and individuals who are governed by individual bylaws can submit proposals to the Human REBs in the Faculty of Medicine, even in the absence of an affiliation with the University of Manitoba.  In some instances (e.g. graduate student doing a degree in an institution outside Manitoba), the approval of a REB from another recognized institution will be accepted at the discretion of the WRHA, Executive Director of Research.  Criteria for such an exemption would be “minimal risk” projects qualifying for expedited review by a REB.  Any study with more than minimal risk must have University of Manitoba REB approval.

In addition, all research involving humans performed in WRHA related facilities, programs or services must also seek and receive approval from the relevant Institutional Review/Impact Committees.  This committee assesses the impact of the proposed research on WRHA resources, and ensures that WRHA standards regarding privacy and confidentiality are addressed.   A complete listing of these facilities is available upon request.

If the research is to be conducted in a WRHA facility, program or service not covered by another Research Review committee, research projects must seek and receive approval from the WRHA Research Review Committee. 

It is expected that all quality improvement / program evaluation activities are conducted according to ethical principles. Not all quality improvement / program evaluation activities are, however, required to submit a proposal to the HREB or WRHA Research Review Committee. If you have any questions regarding the WRHA Research Review Committee, please contact Judy Dyrland at 204 926 7034 or by email at jdyrland2@wrha.mb.ca . Judy is the Coordinator for the WRHA Research Review Committee and looks after all incoming research applications and submissions.

For general ethics issues unrelated to research please contact the WRHA Ethics Services.

Our Team


Paul Beaudin, MSc-SLP, Ph.D.


tel: 204.594.5323
fax: 204.789.3956
email: pbeaudin@wrha.mb.ca


Catherine conducts utilization based program and policy evaluations to support evidence based planning across the region.  She is an advocate of participatory and collaborative inquiry.  A proponent of mixed methods approaches, she specializes in qualitative methodology. Her areas of interest include mental health, housing and health, homelessness, food security, and urban health disparities.  She is currently leading the evaluation of the Community Mental health Crisis Response Centre and recently completed a study of the Bell Hotel Supportive Housing Project’s early outcomes and learnings.

Catherine maintains a role at the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba (AFM) as an Adjunct Research Associate following her recent secondment to the Foundation where she evaluated AFM treatment programs and provided research support.

Catherine obtained a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies (Sociology, City Planning, and Geography) from the University of Manitoba where she received SSHRC funding to study the demographic, socio-economic and cultural aspects of inner city population change. She obtained a master’s degree from Iowa State University where she received Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) funding to investigate resident satisfaction in government-assisted housing.  Previous to her current position, Catherine worked at the Universities of Manitoba and Winnipeg where she conducted research on neighbourhoods, housing, and marginalized populations, taught courses in urban studies, and lead community outreach initiatives.


tel: 204.594.5325
fax: 204.789.3956
email: ccharette2@wrha.mb.ca


Tara completed her BA hons. (2002), MA (2006) and PhD (2010) in Social Psychology at the University of Manitoba. Her postdoctoral research experience includes a two-year SSHRC-funded fellowship in the Laboratory for Aging and Health, University of Manitoba; and a CIHR-funded fellowship as an affiliate of the School of Public Health, Yale University. Tara worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Idaho State University (2012-15) before returning to Winnipeg to join the Centre for Healthcare Innovation and the Department of Community Health Sciences, University of Manitoba (Assistant Professor, part-time). Tara’s expertise includes health psychology, social cognition, the social determinants of health, and mixed methods research design and analysis. Tara’s work at the Centre for Healthcare Innovation involves evaluation of health care programs for the WRHA and Manitoba Health, as well as an applied program of research focused on populations with complex medical and social needs, and equity in health care services.


tel: 204.594.5332
fax: 204.789.3956
email: tstewart3@wrha.mb.ca


Ashley has been with the Research and Evaluation Unit since 2007.  She has been the lead on several evaluation projects and is currently leading the evaluation of the new Birth Centre in Winnipeg and a needs assessment and evaluation of a public health program providing services for women who travel to Winnipeg for birth.  Ashley has also worked on a CIHR funded research project From Evidence to Action, focusing on evidence-informed decision-making, and is team member on 3 research grants.

Before Ashley joined the unit she worked as an occupational therapist in child and adolescent mental health and acute care, and achieved her MA in International Development Studies from Dalhousie University.  She received funding from the Canadian International Development Agency’s Students for Development internship program to complete research related to childhood disability in Uganda.

Research Associate

tel: 204.594.5334
fax: 204.789.3956
email: astruthers@wrha.mb.ca


Andrew Fletcher-Cook, MA

Research Associate

tel: 204.594.5328
fax: 204.789.3956
email: afletchercook@wrha.mb.ca


Shauna joined the Evaluation Platform in 2016, having recently completed her Master of Science degree in Community Health Sciences from the University of Manitoba. She has a background in sociology and specializes in health services research and program evaluation. While completing her graduate degree, Shauna took part in the Manitoba Training Program (previously the Western Regional Training Centre) to enhance her training in health services and policy research. This included a field placement at Deer Lodge Centre where she was able to enhance her education by completing several health services program evaluations. She also completed a graduate Specialization in Aging through the Centre on Aging, University of Manitoba with a focus on older adults and long-term care.

Shauna’s Master’s thesis developed a taxonomy of tasks that health care aides are responsible for in the personal care home environment and examined how health care aides’ ranked the importance of the tasks they are responsible for.

Research Associate

tel: 204.594.5327
fax: 204.789.3956
email: szinnick@wrha.mb.ca


Ola joined the Research and Evaluation Team in December 2009 as a Research Associate.  Currently, she is involved in projects on Patient Self-management of Chronic Disease and collaboration between health care professionals in service delivery using both qualitative and quantitative approaches.  Her research interests involve development of health policy, evaluation of health system economics (specifically pharmacoeconomics) and population health outcomes.

Ola received her PhD from the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Pharmacy after completing her thesis on Expanded Scope of Practice for Pharmacists including an evaluation of regulations, stakeholder (government, retail and industry) concerns and market cost.  Prior to her Doctorate degree, Ola also completed a Masters degree in the area of natural health product regulation and consumer willingness to pay for increased product safety.

As an undergraduate student, Ola has completed a B.Sc (Pharm) and has experience practicing as a community pharmacist.  This allowed her to interact in a collaborative manner with patients and their health care providers in order to promote patient-centered education and to help improve therapeutic outcomes.  Working on the front lines of health care delivery, she has acquired a thorough understanding of issues characteristic to the Manitoba health care environment, including acute care, long-term care, community health services and population and public health

Research Associate

tel: 204.594.5330
fax: 204.789.3956
email: onorrie@wrha.mb.ca


Yang Cui, MA, MSc., Ph.D.

Research Associate

tel: 204.594.5329
fax: 204.789.3956
email: ycui@wrha.mb.ca


Leanne Dunne joined the Centre for Healthcare Innovation in 2016. She has had the opportunity to work within the world of qualitative and community-based research, public and patient engagement and knowledge translation. Her previous work included working on community-based projects related to food security and supporting the Developmental Origins of Chronic Diseases in Children (DEVOTION) Network as a knowledge broker. She’s excited to be involved in projects related to both health system performance and research initiatives through the lens of evaluation. 

Research Assistant

tel: 204-789-3995
email: ldunne@wrha.mb.ca


Judy is the Administrative Assistant for the Research and Evaluation Unit and also the Research Coordinator for the WRHA Research Review Committee. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in English and a minor in Psychology from the University of Manitoba. Prior to coming to Research and Evaluation, she was employed at Red River College and Health Sciences Centre Foundation.

Administrative Assistant

tel: 204.594.5322
fax: 204.789.3956
email: jdyrland2@wrha.mb.ca


Amy Henderson

Research Assistant

email: ahenderson3@hsc.mb.ca

Training Opportunities

Our team offers:

  • Support for development of ‘evaluative thinking’ (systematic results oriented analysis) in your organization or workplace
  • Capacity building in our service areas
  • Student supervision (undergraduate and student level)