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Jennifer Protudjer PhD

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Dr Protudjer’s primary research focus is risk factors, management, impact and prognosis of paediatric allergic disease. She has experience using national register/healthcare administrative data, covering >99% of the population, as well as experience with cohorts of various sizes. Many of these cohorts have included clinical data, from which more rigorous definitions of disease outcomes may be identified.

To complement these quantitative data, Dr Protudjer also engages in qualitative research, so as to better understand the needs and impact of paediatric allergic disease on the child, their family and those who help care for them.

The cumulative aim of her work is to develop patient-oriented programs, which engage a variety of stakeholders to provide a multifaceted approach that fully support patients’ needs.

As a nutritionist, Dr Protudjer also has a strong interest on maternal and child diets, and their roles in child health, and paediatric chronic diseases.

Dr Protudjer maintains collaborations in Manitoba, in Canada, as well as in Sweden and Finland.

Contact Information

Name: Jennifer Protudjer PhD
Title: Epidemiologist, CHI; Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics and Child Health, University of Manitoba; Scientist, Children's Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba
Degree: PhD
Phone: 204 594 5356
Address: Floor 4, Chown Building 753 Mc Winnipeg MB R3E 0T6