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Ogai Sherzoi

Ogai Sherzoi is a knowledge Broker with a focus on patient and public engagement in health research; facilitation; and building community networks. Ogai holds a Masters of Social Work from the University of Manitoba, including a Child and Youth Care Diploma, Human Ecology in Family Social Sciences, and a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW).  She is also a registered social worker (RSW) through the MB College of Social Workers. Ogai has vast experience working across different settings—project coordinator; practicing Therapist, providing counselling services to children and youth; has worked at Addictions Foundation of Manitoba, in youth treatment programming; and has worked as a hospital social worker in children’s and women’s at HSC. She is also interested and has conducted arts-based qualitative research to enhance mental health and well-being of diverse communities.

Contact Information

Name: Ogai Sherzoi
Title: Knowledge Broker
Phone: 204-594-5360
Address: 753 mcdermot ave, 3rd winnipeg manitoba r3e 0t6