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Kathryn Sibley PhD

Kathryn Sibley is Associate Director, Knowledge Translation Platform at the Centre for Healthcare Innovation and an Assistant Professor in Community Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba. She completed her undergraduate training in Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo, graduate degrees in Rehabilitation and Medical Sciences at the University of Toronto, and postdoctoral fellowship at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute- University Health Network. She has received personnel and research support from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, and Knowledge Translation Canada.

The goal of Dr. Sibley’s research is to improve the health of Canadians by accelerating the translation of research evidence into health care. She works to advance knowledge translation science by understanding and supporting use of knowledge translation science in health research, and by integrating it in her applied research implementing optimized balance exercise for fall prevention in older adults. She welcomes communication from potential collaborators and trainees with mutual interests.

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Name: Kathryn Sibley PhD
Title: Director, Knowledge Translation platform
Degree: PhD
Phone: 204.594.5354
Fax: 204.594.5394


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BMC health services research, 2017, 1

A descriptive qualitative examination of knowledge translation practice among health researchers in Manitoba, Canada.

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