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Ahmed Abou-Setta MD, PhD

Dr. Ahmed Abou-Setta is currently the Manager, Knowledge Synthesis, The George and Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation, University of Manitoba/ Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and an Assistant Professor, Community Health Sciences, College of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences. In this role, he leads and supports knowledge synthesis projects including clinical guideline preparation, systematic reviews, overviews of reviews and related activities. In addition, Dr. Abou-Setta is leading innovative research into methods for improving and streamlining the systematic review process including the use of computer-assisted screening and probability-based classification of citations, increasing visual identification of key terms using system-generated font and color contrast, computer-assisted literature search strategy production, and semi-automated report preparation. Furthermore, Dr. Abou-Setta is involved in continuous education to clinical faculty at the University of Manitoba and students through epidemiological and biostatistical consultation, teaching, and collaborative innovative research on knowledge synthesis projects.

Dr. Abou-Setta’s areas of research expertise includes clinical epidemiological research methods, methods for evaluation of the quality of data from clinical trials, the meta-analysis of trial data, and methods for utilizing indirect evidence. He has engaged in research synthesis, data analysis, meta-analysis, interpretation, presentation and review and methodology consultations with different groups from all over the world, including collaborating with world-renowned clinicians, epidemiologists and researchers, including members of The Egyptian and Middle East IVF registries, and the International Committee for Monitoring IVF. Most recently, he has completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Alberta’s Evidence-based Practice Centre, where he led multiple teams of review authors to investigate important clinical questions in the context of comparative effectiveness reviews and methodological reviews.

Dr. Abou-Setta combines unique insights as both a clinician and post-doctorate level researcher with research experience in various clinical settings. These clinical topics are broad and have included reproductive endocrinology, pain management in elderly patients with hip fractures, management strategies in hypercholesterolemic patients, antipsychotic management of adults with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, management of male impotence, and prevention of premature ovarian failure in women undergoing chemotherapy.

Dr. Abou-Setta is highly committed to creating and sustaining educational opportunities and training in the knowledge and skills essential to undertake knowledge synthesis projects. As none were available at the University of Manitoba, Dr. Abou-Setta has been co-teaching the first accredited systematic review course where graduate students and clinicians at the University of Manitoba are being trained to produce high-quality systematic reviews of the literature. In addition, Dr. Abou-Setta is exploring opportunities to collaborate with well-established organization like the Cochrane Collaboration and other Canadian Universities to provide local training to the University of Manitoba’s members, especially in advanced methods like network meta-analysis, individual patient meta-analysis and rapid reviews.

The excellence of Dr. Abou-Setta’s research agenda has been recognized through frequent presentation of results at international venues including the Cochrane Colloquium, multiple publications in top-ranked peer-reviewed journals including the JAMA, Annals of Internal Medicine, Cochrane Library, and publications having been cited over 600 times (H-index = 14).

Contact Information

Name: Ahmed Abou-Setta MD, PhD
Title: Director, Knowledge Synthesis platform
Degree: MD, PhD
Phone: 204.594.5357
Fax: 204.594.5394

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The Cochrane database of systematic reviews, 2018,

Application of seminal plasma to female genital tract prior to embryo transfer in assisted reproductive technology cycles (IVF, ICSI and frozen embryo transfer).


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