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Terry Klassen MD, MSc, FRCPC

Dr. Klassen is the Academic Director for the Centre for Healthcare Innovation. He received his medical degree from the University of Manitoba, and his MSc in Clinical Epidemiology from McMaster University. In addition to being the CEO & Scientific Director of the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba, he is also Head of the Department of Pediatrics and Child Health, University of Manitoba and Medical Director, Child Health Program, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

Twitter:  @tpklassen

Contact Information

Name: Terry Klassen MD, MSc, FRCPC
Title: Academic Director, CHI
Degree: MD, MSc, FRCPC
Phone: 204.789.3754
Fax: 204.789.3915

Publications >

Health communication, 2017,

Creation of an Integrated Knowledge Translation Process to Improve Pediatric Emergency Care in Canada.


Show in PubMed - PMID:28537762

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