News: SPOR's Rewarding Success Initiative

News: SPOR's Rewarding Success Initiative

News: SPOR's Rewarding Success Initiative

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SPOR Pre-Annoucement

The Rewarding Success Initiative is a multi-phased experimental funding model that is being piloted in five provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Newfoundland & Labrador. The Initiative was designed to produce interventions that will result in cost savings and/or improved efficiencies in Canada’s healthcare system.

The main principle of Rewarding Success is that teams will identify and implement potential solutions to problems and priorities in health care that will enhance the experience of patients and healthcare providers while also reducing low value health care (e.g. unnecessary diagnostic tests/ drugs), addressing health care inefficiencies (e.g. wait lists), and reducing avoidable morbidity (e.g. stroke).

Teams funded through the Rewarding Success Initiative will be multidisciplinary, involving patients, researchers, clinicians, and healthcare delivery organizations (such as hospitals). Teams will partner with organizations like Ministries of Health, Regional Health Authorities, insurers, hospitals, charities, and philanthropic organizations that will agree to pay for successful improvement in outcomes, efficiencies, or cost savings.

Projects in Manitoba must align with any one of the following priorities:
1. Optimal health system design to support fiscal and clinical effectiveness
2. Performance management and economic evaluation to measure efficiency and effectiveness
3. Redesign of community care to support continuity of care and reduced health system utilization
4. Mental Health and Addictions services to support improved outcomes

The Rewarding Success Initiative is funded through the Clinical Trials element of the Strategy for Patient Oriented Research. For more information about CIHR’s Rewarding Success Initiative, Click here.

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