Announcement: Patient Engagement Platforms Champions Program

Announcement: Patient Engagement Platforms Champions Program

Announcement: Patient Engagement Platforms Champions Program

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Patient Engagement Platforms Champions Program

Champions are people who emerge to actively and enthusiastically promote innovations and behaviour change throughout crucial organizational structures and stages of development. Field and case studies have shown that the use of Champions plays an integral role in the successful implementation of innovative new approaches.  In establishing a Patient Engagement Champion in each of CHI’s seven platforms (i.e. Clinical Trials; Data Science; Knowledge Translation; Knowledge Synthesis; Project Management; Evaluation; and Health Systems Performance) as well as a member from the SPOR MPN PIHCI Network, it is our hope to:

  • Promote CHI’s patient and public engagement strategy through formal and informal networks within and outside each platform
  • Mobilize resources and establish and maintain contact with platform management;
  • Exert effort to galvanize support for the concept of patient and public engagement in health research;
  • Engage in coalition building to secure organizational support for CHI’s patient and public engagement strategy;
  • Play a decisive role in implementing new ideas by communicating strategic meaning around the patient/public engagement strategy;
  • Persistently promoting strategy-securing resources;
  • Involvement in idea generation around patient engagement approaches;
  • Motivating others to innovate and tailor their work to promote patient and public engagement strategy effectively;
  • Building mentorship partnerships between Patient Engagement Platform Champions and CHI’s Patient/Public Advisers; and
  • Adopting multiple perspectives and working collaboratively across platforms around patient/public engagement.

The CHI Patient Engagement Platform Champions meet every third Wednesday of the month. In each meeting, Champions are introduced to a new Patient/Public Engagement in Health Research tool or resource; updated on patient/public engagement services and programs offered at CHI; share engagement successes and challenges from their distinct platforms; and brainstorm opportunities to collaborate and engage people with lived experience of health issues in research, evaluation and health care systems projects in each of the platforms.

Please join us September 13th for our next Patient & Public Engagement in Health Research Lunchtime Learning Series:

The Different Levels of Patient/Public Engagement in Health Research

  • Learn how to identify and differentiate between consultation, collaboration and patient-directed levels of engagement

Introduction to a new online patient/public engagement tool that will help health researchers choose which level of engagement and learn different participatory approaches at every phase and stage of the research process

12-1 pm - Room 474 Chown Classroom, 753 McDermot

RSVP encouraged to


  • Inclusive, authentic and meaningful engagement of people with lived experience in health research
  • Skills and resources to build an engagement strategy in research projects
  • Different participatory techniques and approaches in safe and inclusive environments

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