Announcement: CHI Launches REDCap

Announcement: CHI Launches REDCap


Team: Events, Training & News
Posted on April 09, 2014

Announcement: CHI Launches REDCap

Team: Events, Training & News

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REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a secure, web application designed to support data capture for research studies. It was developed by a multi-institutional consortium at Vanderbilt University and is widely used at leading health research institutes around the world. CHI has implemented REDCap, at the University of Manitoba, to provide researchers with a highly secure, centralized, audited environment to store manage and analyze research data.

The launch of REDCap highlights CHI’s commitment and dedication to improving human health by fostering world-class clinical studies and by supporting researchers behind these key studies.

REDCap provides users with multiple features such as multi-site data entry, real-time data entry validation, audit trails and the ability to set up a calendar to schedule and track critical study events such as blood-draws, participant visits, etc. Furthermore, it is highly adaptable. Data collection is customized for each study or clinical trial by the research team. CHI’s team will support researchers by providing guidance on the development of collection tools along with crucial statistical analysis and support.  

Advantages of REDCap

  • Designed to comply with PHIA & FIPPA regulations to provide highest standards of security to protect data against loss, destruction or unauthorized access and use
  •  Provides user-friendly web-based Case Report Forms (CRFs),
  • Allows users to assign different levels of access to member of the research team; a key security enhancing feature.
  •  Research investigators and their research staff have secure, controlled access to individual project databases
  • Provides a range export procedures for seamless data downloads to various file formats and common statistical packages such as SAS, R, SPSS, Stata
  • Provides a powerful tool for creating and managing web based surveys. It allows researchers to collect anonymous responses or track and identify responses from survey participants.

 The George and Fay Yee Centre For Healthcare Innovation (CHI) is an partnership between the University of Manitoba and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. The Centre brings together leaders and practitioners from all disciplines in academia and practice to ensure that the latest research and evidence are translated into improved patient outcomes, enhanced patient experiences and improved access to care for Manitobans. 

CHI is actively establishing collaborative pathways for research with pan-Canadian communities that are diverse by rural and urban locations, geography, health status and health service delivery, race, ethnicity, and culture. REDCap will enhance research initiatives throughout our province.   

The service is now available and accessible to researchers. To learn more about REDCap, or to access it please contact