Resource: The Manitoba Metadata Inventory

Resource: The Manitoba Metadata Inventory


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Posted on January 25, 2018

Resource: The Manitoba Metadata Inventory

Team: Events, Training & News

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In Manitoba, there are numerous healthcare providers, researchers, and organizations that collect health-related data from clinical trials, cohort studies, and other observational studies. However, the majority of health-related data and their documentation are not systematically maintained by any organizations. Existing health-related data have considerable potential for further research, including re-examination of the accuracy of original study findings, and development of new studies about the long-term benefits and harms of treatments.

The Manitoba Metadata Inventory is a comprehensive, online catalogue of Manitoba’s health-related data holdings. It aims to identify all significant health- related databases in Manitoba and gather their metadata (“data about data”).

The Manitoba Metadata Inventory will provide the opportunities for the researchers and potential data users to:  

  • Learn more about the numerous health-related databases and their contents in Manitoba, as well as the steps to request access to use these data for new studies.
  • Identify the characteristics of study data that could be re-used in new investigations.
  • Promote the use of existing datasets for secondary analysis and foster research collaboration and innovation within Manitoba.


How to use the Manitoba Metadata Inventory

The Manitoba Metadata Inventory contains the descriptive metadata elements describing the purpose(s) of the study, characteristics of study sample, interventions, features of outcome and exposure measures, any special populations, name and contact information of data owner, and steps to request access to use these existing data for new research studies.

The Manitoba Metadata Inventory does not provide the services to facilitate the data request access and actual research data is not available through this metadata inventory. However, the relevant contact information of the data owner/custodian is included in each metadata.  After identifying the dataset(s), the interested researchers can directly contact the data owner/custodian and all data access requests must follow each study’s data access protocol.


How to contribute to the Manitoba Metadata Inventory

If you would like to contribute the Manitoba Metadata Inventory, please go to the link below to complete the metadata collection form. One collection form is to be completed for each of your studies that meets the inclusion criteria. If you have more than one study for which you will provide metadata, please go to the same link to obtain another metadata collection form. We expect that completion of the metadata collection form will require about 15 minutes of your time for each study.

Metadata collection form:

Study Inclusion Criteria:

We are interested in all trials, observational, and cohort studies for which:

  • You are/were the principal investigator or co-principal investigator;
  • The study/trial was started or completed between January 2008 and December 2017;
  • Information about one or more of the following domains are captured in the study/trial: health status, factors that influence health status, health care, public health, and health-related interventions; and
  • Manitoba residents are included in the study/trial.

In the case of multi-center studies, including those with centers and principal investigators outside of Manitoba, we are collecting information about the part of the study conducted in Manitoba.


Please note:

  • We are NOT collecting identifiable information about study participants and NO actual data from your study will be requested.
  • We are NOT collecting information about administrative health databases or cohorts constructed from administrative health databases.


Contact Us:

The Manitoba Metadata Inventory

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