Course: R for Absolute Beginners

Course: R for Absolute Beginners


May 16, 09:00 - May 25, 11:00, 2018
Chown Building 753 McDermot Ave. 4th floor, Room 474 Winnipeg Manitoba
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Posted on March 29, 2018

Course: R for Absolute Beginners

Team: Events, Training & News

Location: Chown Building 753 McDermot Ave. 4th floor, Room 474 Winnipeg Manitoba

May 16, 09:00 - May 25, 11:00, 2018



This workshop series will introduce participants to R and RStudio by providing instruction and hands on exercises. Participants will leave with an understanding of basic principals in the use of R for data analysis, including the basics of importing data, data manipulation, and simple graphics. No programming experience is required.


  • Introduce R and RStudio
  • Learn about the basic data structures in R
  • Practice basics of importing and exporting datasets
  • Introduce basic data management techniques
  • Learn elementary graphic functions for data visualization

Dates and Times:

May 16, 18, 23, 25: 9:00 am - 11:00 am

474 Chown Building, 753 McDermot Ave, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB


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$40.00 - Academic, Researchers and Students


We recognize that professional or educational commitments may make it difficult for you to attend a workshop during the business week (Monday through Friday, 8-5pm) and we are exploring some alternatives.  Please let us know if you would be interested if we were able offer this workshop (a) in the evening; or, (b) on the weekend (

Contact Information:

For more information, please email

Registration Cancellation Policy:

A registration refund will be made upon written request on or before May 11, 2018. A $35 administrative fee will be retained. No refunds will be made for cancellations after this date.

Registration deadline has been extended to May 11, 2018

Session Information:

The sessions are hands on and require each participant to bring a laptop.

Session 1: R Basics

This session will introduce R and the R studio user interface. R data types and objects will be discussed with an emphasis on working with vectors and matrices.

Session 2: Basic Data Management in R

This session will begin with an introduction to data frames. Basic data management techniques will be explored, including creating variables, recoding missing values, and merging and subsetting data frames. Simple descriptive statistics will also be discussed.

Session 3: Introduction to Graphics in R

This session will introduce how to display data using basic graphics in R, including scatterplots, line plots, bar plots, histograms and boxplots. How to install and use R packages will also be discussed. 

Session 4: Moving Beyond the Basics 

In this session, we will discuss basic methods for dealing with dates, including techniques for fixing some of the inevitable problems in dates.  We will then introduce some of the newer tools in the R language, including the ‘tidyverse’ (tidy data and dplyr) and ggplot2.

Intended Audience

This workshop is intended for individuals with an interest in using R for data analysis but with very little or no experience with the R software.

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Location: 753 McDermot Ave. 4th floor, Room 474, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA