Announcement: New Cataract Surgery Pre-op History and Physical Form

Announcement: New Cataract Surgery Pre-op History and Physical Form


Team: ChoosingWiselyContent
Posted on September 04, 2015

Announcement: New Cataract Surgery Pre-op History and Physical Form

Team: ChoosingWiselyContent

Date: This is not a timed event.



New history and physical form for patients who require a history and physical prior to undergoing cataract surgery at the Misericordia Health Centre. 

 Clinical Practice Change

  • Effective September 9, 2015, the CATARACT SURGERY Pre-op History and Physical Form’ replaces the ‘Pre-op History and Physical – Cataract Form’. Please incorporate this new Choosing Wisely-branded form into your practice and ensure all old forms are removed by September 18, 2015 (PDF available for download here and/or contact your EMR provider to access it through your EMR, if applicable). 

Rationale for Change

  • Cataract surgeries generate approximately 25% of the unnecessary preoperative diagnostic tests performed within the WRHA. The new form removes cues believed to prompt unnecessary tests, as identified by the Choosing Wisely preoperative testing guideline, which indicates:
    • “diagnostic tests are not required for patients undergoing cataract surgery unless being used to address deterioration in the patient’s condition within the last 6 months”.

Anticipated Impacts & Improvements

  • Patients will save time by avoiding unnecessary effort before undergoing cataract surgery
  • Your staff will save time by avoiding unnecessary effort.
  • Dollars saved through improved efficiencies and sustainability will be reinvested in other areas of healthcare.

Background information

  • Changes to the new form reflect the collaboration between The Department of Anesthesia, Department of Family Medicine, the Ophthalmologists, and the Centre for Healthcare Innovation.
  • This improved form aligns with the Choosing Wisely Campaign, a physician led initiative to improve the use of tests, investigations and procedures. Visit to learn more.

Clinical Practice Change issued by: Dr. Lorne Bellan, Professor and Department Head of Ophthalmology; Dr. Archie Benoit, Associate Professor of Anesthesia, Site Medical Manager, MHC Misericordia

Distribution: This Clinical Practice Change has been sent to all WRHA Ophthalmologists and Family Physicians

The Clinical Practice Change is a directive of Choosing Wisely Manitoba, an initiative to improve the appropriate use of diagnostic testing in our province. Choosing Wisely Manitoba is a partnership of the Centre for Healthcare Innovation and Diagnostic Services Manitoba.

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