Announcement: Join CHI's Patient and Public Engagement Collaborative Partnership

Announcement: Join CHI's Patient and Public Engagement Collaborative Partnership


March 25, 06:41 - May 31, 17:00, 2019
Team: Events, Training & News
Posted on March 15, 2019

Announcement: Join CHI's Patient and Public Engagement Collaborative Partnership

Team: Events, Training & News

March 25, 06:41 - May 31, 17:00, 2019


Seeking New Members for CHI's Patient and Public Engagement Collaborative Partnership

What is the Patient and Public Engagement Collaborative Partnership?

The Patient and Public Engagement Collaborative Partnership (or the ‘Partnership’) works with CHI and health researchers to co-create and advise on authentic engagement strategies for working with patients and the public in health research. This means having patients and the public involved in research, not only as research participants, but as active partners throughout the research process, including:

  • Deciding what priorities and health-related questions research should address;
  • How people should be recruited to research studies;
  • How research studies should be conducted; and
  • Collecting and analyzing data.

The Partnership also advises on health research policies, resources, tools, services and programs.

To date, the Partnership has helped co-create, inform, and/or make changes to:

Information About the Role of Partnership Members

Bring your own unique perspectives and insights to discussions and decision-making as a person with lived experience of a health issue and/or healthcare service user in Manitoba

  • Bring the patient/community lens to discussions and decisions, raising questions and concerns that are considerate of diverse needs of Manitobans;
  • Actively collaborate in shared decision-making, helping to shape the strategic direction of CHI; and
  • Help identify possible areas of opportunity for health research.

Time Commitment

  • The Partnership meets six (6) times a year, every two (2) months. Each meeting runs for approximately 2.5 hours.
  • Regular meetings are held in the evenings, however on occasion other events may take place during daytime or weekend hours, depending on member availability.
  • The agenda and other supporting documents will be sent out at least one week before each meeting. You will be asked to review these materials in advance of the meeting and you will be able to suggest agenda items as well.
  • We ask for a minimum one (1) year term commitment but are willing to work with you to make sure you feel this position is a good fit.

Responsibilities of Partnership Members

  • Attend all Partnership meetings;
  • Review materials prior to meetings;
  • Provide a Manitoban patient/caregiver/citizen perspective; and
  • Declare possible conflicts of interest in advance.

Skills We Are Looking For Include

  • An open mind, intellectual curiosity, respect for the opinion of others;
  • Critical self-awareness, ability to take personal experience and place it in the larger social and political contexts;
  • An understanding of, or willingness to learn, how collaborative partnerships work in order to move forward together;
  • An interest in patient and public engagement in health research in Manitoba;
  • The ability to plan strategically and work collectively;
  • The ability to review strategic documents and provide personal insight and input;
  • The ability to network with community;
  • Interest in following current events and trends in healthcare systems and research; knowledge of challenges and opportunities for healthcare in Manitoba and Canada;
  • Knowledge of diverse communities – an understanding of principles of equity, diversity and inclusion;
  • Sensitive to needs and perspectives of people who may be facing multiple barriers to health care including poverty, racism, sexism, homophobia, colonialism, ableism, sizeism, etc.;
  • Previous committee or advisory group involvement/leadership/team work is an asset but is not required;
  • Demonstrated interest in improving the healthcare system, especially with regard to the incorporation of  patients’ experiences, perspectives and values;
  • The ability to work with a group of diverse viewpoints and backgrounds to share your insights and perspectives respectfully;
  • Have a demonstrated sense of community and volunteerism; and
  • Ensure a safe space for yourself and others.

Benefits to Becoming a Partnership Member

  • Experience in a collaborative partnership;
  • Opportunity to have a say in the strategic direction of a provincial health research organization;
  • Opportunities for further training, workshops and other skill-building sessions; and
  • Letter of reference, provided upon request.


An honorarium will be provided for attendance to all Partnership meetings. Additionally, parking/transportation and any caregiving costs incurred will be covered.

How to Apply

Complete the PDF or survey application form (links below) and return it to or fax (204) 594-5394 no later than Friday, May 31, 2019 at 5:00 pm.


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