Announcement: Fall 2019 PREPPP Award winners announcement

Announcement: Fall 2019 PREPPP Award winners announcement


February 06, 2020 - 10:30 - 10:30
Team: Events, Training & News
Posted on February 06, 2020

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Announcement: Fall 2019 PREPPP Award winners announcement

Team: Events, Training & News

February 06, 2020 - 10:30 - 10:30


L to R: Nika Klaprat (Research Coordinator with Dr. Jon McGavock); Dr. Kristin Reynolds; Dr. Kellie Thiessen; Dave Kent (Research Coordinator with Dr. Rakesh Arora)

Congratulations to the recipients of the Preparing for Research by Engaging Patient and Public Partners (PREPPP) Award, Fall 2019!

The PREPPP award supports researchers, students, and community organizations in engaging with patients and members of the public as partners in the priority-setting, design, and grant development phase of a health research project.

Five successful teams submitted applications that demonstrated a commitment to the principles of patient-oriented research and the conduct of meaningful, safe, and inclusive engagement with patient and public partners in the planning of their research.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who applied for the Fall 2019 PREPPP Awards, and the Manitoba Primary and Integrated Healthcare Innovation (PIHCI) Network (MPN), who co-sponsored one award related to primary and integrated care.

The next call for applications will open in Spring of 2020.


Fall 2019 PREPPP Award Winners:  

Drs. Rakesh Arora, Todd Duhamel, Annette Schultz & Anna Chudyk
Expanding Enhanced Recovery After Surgery guidelines for cardiac surgery to include the patient voice

Dr. Arora is the Head of Cardiac Surgery and Medical Director of Cardiac Critical Care for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Cardiac Sciences Program. The multidisciplinary research team, which includes two patient-researchers and former PREPPP Awardees, will work together to expand current guidelines for patient care before, during, and after cardiac surgery to include the priorities and outcomes that are important to patients and their caregivers.

Kennedy Merrill, Chantal Benjamin, Natasha Gregoire, Dr. Jonathan McGavock, Dr. Dylan MacKay & Nika Klaprat
Engaging persons living with type 1 diabetes and their caregivers to develop an intervention to determine optimal strategies to exercise safely: a pilot project

Dr. McGavock is an Associate Professor in Pediatrics and Child Health at the University of Manitoba. His team, which includes a former PREPPP Awardee and patient co-researchers, plans to co-develop Canada’s first physical activity-based clinical trials that directly address patient priorities for type 1 diabetes and physical exercise/activity, which were previously identified using a James Lind Alliance priority setting partnership.

Dr. Kristin Reynolds
Let’s Talk About Late-Life Mental Health: Multi-Systemic Collaboration to Inform Better Access to Care

Dr. Reynolds is an Assistant Professor in Psychology at the University of Manitoba with an interest in the mental health information needs of older adults in the community. Through early engagement with community mental health organizations and patient partners, Dr. Reynolds hopes to develop and evaluate a tool to help improve awareness of and access to programs and services for late-life mental health problems.

Drs. Sapna Oberoi, Lauren Kelly, Andrew Hatala & Antonia Palmer
The Use of Medical Cannabis for Children with Cancer: Parents’ Perspectives

Dr. Oberoi is a pediatric hematology oncology fellow enrolled in a Masters in Community Health Sciences and Clinical Investigator Program at the University of Manitoba. Her team’s proposed engagement project will seek input from patient and public partners in the design of a clinical trial exploring the use of medical cannabis for children with cancer – including recruitment methods, data collection methods, research priorities, and outcomes that are important to patients and their caregivers.

Dr. Kellie Thiessen, Dr. Maggie Morris, Dr. Wanda Phillips-Beck, Dawn Wiscome, Dr. Adelicia Yu & Dr. Rasheda Rabbani
Collaborative Midwife-Physician Maternity Care and Its Impact on Patient Wellness

Dr. Thiessen is an Associate Professor in Nursing and Director of the Bachelor of Midwifery Program at the University of Manitoba, as well as a former PREPPP Award winner (Spring 2018) for her work in connecting Indigenous and Western ways of knowing in maternal child health. In her current project, Dr. Thiessen and her team aim to inform research questions and patient-perspective outcomes of a new model of maternity care involving the newly established Midwifery Clinician Scientist role. One of the larger goals of this work is to develop a clinical research program in the context of an inter-professional maternity care team in the Outpatient Department at the Health Sciences Centre Women’s Hospital.


Clockwise from Left: Ogai Sherzoi (Knowledge Broker for CHI); Nika Klaprat; Dr. Kristin Reynolds; Dan McGregor (Director of Business Services at CHI); Dr. Kellie Thiessen; Carolyn Shimmin (Patient & Public Engagement Lead at CHI); Thomas Beaudry (member of CHI's Patient and Public Engagement Collaborative Partnership); Dave Kent; Juanita Garcia (member of CHI's Patient and Public Engagement Collaborative Partnership); Trish Roche (Knowledge Broker for CHI); Jennifer Pepneck (Knowledge Broker for MPN)


Stay Tuned for the next PREPPP Award Call in Spring 2020!