Award: Ed Kroeger Mentorship Award

Award: Ed Kroeger Mentorship Award

Award: Ed Kroeger Mentorship Award

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Congratulations to Dr. Lisa Lix, Director of the Data Science Platform at the Centre for Healthcare Innovation for receiving the Ed Kroeger Mentorship Award for 2018.

The Ed Kroeger Mentorship Award is provided by the Health Sciences Graduate Students’ Association at the University of Manitoba, to recognize excellence and distinction in mentorship, teaching, and research. This award is named after Dr. Edwin A. Kroeger [Professor of Physiology and Pathophysiology in the Max Rady College of Medicine and Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies in Medicine (1987-2017)], who has set the highest example of mentorship by providing an environment for students to reach their fullest potential; supporting them with wisdom, guidance and patience; and for being an example to which they can aspire, as researchers and as people within the community. The student-governed Ed Kroeger Mentorship Award acknowledges current professors who have exemplified excellence in graduate and professional teaching, have been portrayed as noteworthy mentors, and strive to enhance student abilities and potential.

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