A workshop is an event that brings together a group of people to learn more about their opinions, and create an environment of creativity, collaboration and the opportunity to solve problems. Patient/public/community partners can break into smaller groups, and work together on designated “assignments” regarding decisions about the research process (e.g. research priorities, question, design, outcomes, interpreting data, or dissemination strategies). The “assignments” should have a clear purpose, and can focus on a number of the stages/phases of the research process.


Workshops can be useful for:

  • Providing an opportunity for patient/public/community partners to learn through discovery and exchange of knowledge with researchers and other people with lived experience of a health issue(s).
  • Obtaining focused insight, which can then be used directly in the decision-making process for the research stage you are tackling.


Note: It is a good idea to have individuals helping to facilitate and support small group discussions.

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