Participatory Decision-Making

Participatory Decision-Making

Participatory Decision-Making is a process that allows patient/public/community research partners to make research decisions (i.e. research priorities that need to be addressed in the project). It means finding a common ground and decisions that are acceptable to all patient/public/community partners. With Participatory Decision-Making, everyone in the group must agree to a decision.


Participatory Decision Making has nine steps:

1.  Define the research decision that needs to be made (e.g. “We need to decide on research priorities that mean the most to us.")
2.  Share experiential knowledge as a group
3.  Brainstorm potential research priorities
4.  Discuss all of the different suggested research priorities
5.  State the list of research priorities
6.  Debate and discuss
7.  Restate the final list of research priorities
8.  Test for consensus
9.  Consensus or major objections



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