Revolving Conversations

Revolving Conversations

Revolving Conversations are a type of facilitated meeting for more complex research decisions that have to be made, that supports learning, high emotions and relationship building. The meeting starts with a small group of patient/public/community research partners who sit in a circle in the middle of the group. The inner circle has a conversation and the opportunity to discuss the research decision that needs to be addressed (e.g. "How do we implement the research findings?” "How do we share the research findings?” or "How do we evaluate success of this research project?”). Throughout the course of the discussions patient/public/community partners change over, providing new people with the opportunity to share and discuss. Only the inner circle may speaks, the outside circle is responsible for listening.


Revolving Conversations can be useful for:

  • Self-directed meetings, where minimal facilitation is necessary
  • Creating open and honest discussions between patient/public/community partners with little need to educate.


Note: A trained facilitator should observe the group and take notes on the points that come out of discussion and that will inform the research decision.


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