Focused Conversations

Focused Conversations

The Focused Conversation technique is a structured approach to discussing complex research decisions (e.g. “how should we evaluate success in this research project?”), with patient/public/community partners, and helping people reach their own conclusions on the topic.


The process uses a series of questions based on four stages of thinking:

1.  Objective: review facts about the research decision;

2.  Reflective: review emotional response/reactions to the research decision;

3.  Interpretive: review meaning and significance to the research decision;

4.  Decisional: consider how the research decision will be put into action.


Focused conversations can be useful for:

  • Reviewing a number of research questions such as “What outcomes should we look at in this research project?” “What will success look like?” etc.
  • Getting very specific feedback and opinions from patient/public/community research partners.


Note: Focused conversations may be very quick or take a long time depending on the topic.


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