Participatory Decision-Making

Participatory Decision-Making

Participatory Decision Making is a process that allows patient/public/community research partners to make research decisions. Additionally come to a consensus around research priorities that need to be addressed in the research project. this means finding a common ground and decisions that are acceptable to all patent/public/community partners. With consensus, everyone in the group must agree on a decision.


Participatory Decision Making has nine steps:

1. Define the research decision that needs to be made (i.e " We need to decide on research proprieties that means the most to us");

2. Share experiential knowledge as a group;

3. Brainstorm potential research priorities;

4. Discuss all of the different suggested research priorities;

5. State the list of research priorities;

6. Debate and discuss;

7. Restate the final list of research priorities;

8. Test for consensus; and

9. Consensus or major objections.

Additional Resources:

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