Participatory Design

Participatory Design

Participatory Design workshops are an approach that can actively engage patient/public/community research partners to collaboratively work together early in the research design process, so the results of the research project best meet the needs of all patient/public/community research partners involved.


Participatory Design can be useful for:

  • Gaining insight from patient/public/community research partners around the research design such as: outcomes that matter most to people with lived experience of the health issue; data collection approaches that are appropriate and sensitive to the realities of potential research participants in the project; and research participant recruitment materials that are written in accessible language and address potential concerns of research participants.
  • Creating opportunities for patient/public/community research partners to come up with solutions and take ownership of the research project.
  • Building on patient/public/community partners’ capacity, skills and strengths in research; as well as researchers capacity to engage patient/public/community partners in the collaboratively development of research design.
  • Working together as a team towards a common goal.


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