Manitoba SPOR PIHCI Network

About the Manitoba SPOR PIHCI Network

Canada's Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) is about ensuring that the right patient receives the right intervention at the right time.

The pan-Canadian SPOR Network in Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovations (PIHCI) is a key CIHR initiative designed to support evidence-informed health system transformation.


The Manitoba SPOR PIHCI Network (MPN) supports an alignment of people, resources and opportunities from multiple sectors and jurisdictions that contributes to the development and implementation of evidence to accelerate and sustain transformation in primary and integrated health care. 

The MPN is well positioned to be the integrator that will help overcome potential challenges to collaboration. The MPN will provide a formalized infrastructure that connects, aligns and coordinates the efforts and actions of people, resources, and opportunities from multiple sectors within research, policy and practice.

Goal: Health system efficiency, better patient experiences and optimal individual and population health across the age and care continuum.

Through the numerous discussions and workshops with stakeholders and members to date, MPN has developed the following objectives:

1) To nurture and sustain a coordinated, dynamic, and responsive network created from the input and feedback of its members representing policy, clinical, and research organizations in Manitoba;

2) To facilitate opportunities for members across health policy, clinical, and research sectors to form teams that are collaborative and inclusive and will explore, implement or scale up cost-effective and innovative approaches to integrated health care services;

3) To expand upon the progress made in the development of cross-jurisdictional relationships with other provincial SPOR PIHCI networks across Canada to deliver projects (i.e., Quick Strike and multi-year medium/long term projects) for complex populations across the age continuum  (i.e., from children to older adults);

4)  To create opportunities for authentic patient engagement in a combined effort to achieve a significant, equitable and sustained impact on the health of the population;

5) To incorporate mechanisms in a comprehensive evaluation plan to continually evaluate the MPN’s progress towards the achievement of its objectives.

The MPN infrastructure will build upon Manitoba’s commitment to multi-sectoral collaboration and a record of initiatives targeting system integration and change. We will be able to strategically connect individuals and resources that will contribute to evidence-informed improvement.

The development of MPN will nurture an environment that solidifies integration, knowledge exchange and ultimately help build capacity in Manitoba to engage in patient-centered research and provide evidence based primary and integrated healthcare innovations. We are committed to addressing the continuum of health needs, from the social determinants of health to the prevention of disease to the integration of primary, secondary, tertiary and chronic care. MPN has brought together a robust group which demonstrates the interest and desire to collaborate across research, policy and practice within Manitoba and across national jurisdictions.  We are actively involved in meetings and discussions with SPOR PIHCI Networks in other provinces and look forward to collaborating on multiple projects currently in development and in future.


Tripartite Leadership representing Research, Policy and Practice

Research: Annette SH Schultz, Ph.D, RN
Associate Professor,
College of Nursing, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences

Policy: Marcia Thomson
Assistant Deputy Minister of Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors

Practice: Dr. Tamara Buchel
Executive Director of the Manitoba College of Family Physicians


                                                                         Gayle Halas, Ph.D, Director                                                            

                                              Phone: 204.977.5666   Fax: 204.594.5394                                                       



Position Vacant, Network Assistant to Gayle Halas


Manitoba SPOR Primary and Integrated Healthcare Innovation Network

Family Medicine Research, College of Medicine, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences

George and Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation

Third Floor, Chown Building

753 McDermot Avenue

Winnipeg MB  R3E0T6

Members and Partners

More information coming soon.

Funding Opportunities and Processes

Research Manitoba (RM) holds funds on behalf of Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors (MHHLS), and can provide partner funding for several selected projects. Projects will be reviewed by MHHLS and will need to align with research priorities, the link to which can be found here.

The CIHR PICHI Knowledge Synthesis Funding Opportunity is now available on ResearchNet:  For application details, click here.

To apply for this funding, MPN requests research team to complete the pan-Canadian common Letter of Intent in order to sufficiently describe the research. MPN, together with MHHLS, will review projects from research teams requesting Partner Funding.

Click here for the required LOI due May 31, 2016.

For applications that are requesting only conceptual support in a letter from MPN:
This level of approval and support only applies to research that is being led by another jurisdiction and includes individuals (researchers, clinicians, policy makers and/or patients) from Manitoba or where a project has alternate partner funding.  The application needs to be accompanied by an indication that the Principal Investigator is affiliated and supported by the PIHCI Network in his/her jurisdiction.  The deadline for submitting the proposals to MPN for conceptual support is July 12.2016.  MPN cannot actively support research that is not a Provincial priority, however we do not intend to limit the research undertaken by investigators. Therefore a Letter of Acknowledgement will be provided where MPN is not actively participating in the project.

CIHR has just published the funding opportunity for Comparative Program and Policy Analysis Grants.

For more information about this opportunity, please visit ResearchNet at:


Full proposal due at CIHR (max 15 pages)

August 9, 2016

Anticipated Notice of Decision Date

December 2016

Funding Start Date

December 2016



News and Events


April 18, 2017

In April we held a Network Forum on engaging policymakers and patients/public effectively and appropriately. We would like to givea warm thanks to both Carolyn Shimmin, Patient Engagement expert of CHI's  Knowledge Translation team, and Marcia Thomson, Assistant Deputy Minister of Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living for their presentations. Below you can view Carolyn's presentation and on SlideShare. - to see more of her work on patient engagement and to learn more about knowledge translation at CHI, please check out the blog Knowledge Nudge here. If you would like more information, helpful tools or advice about patient/public engagement in research, please contact Carolyn Shimmin at:

March 8, 2017
On March 8, 2017, MPN presented at the annual CHI Open House. We had over 30 new members sign up to our mailing list and enjoyed talking with each and every person that stopped by to say hi and chat public/patient, policy, research and practice collaboration. Below you can find the handouts on projects MPN supported in the past year that we distributed at the open house.


January 20, 2017 - Idea Development and SPOR-PIHCI Grant Requirements

In this workshop we explored the ten requirements required of CIHR SPOR PIHCI grants and helped members shape their ideas to these requirements.




Part 1 - Gayle Halas, MPN Funding Opportunities and Requirements


Part 2 - Marcia Thomson, Intersecting with Decision Makers


Part 3 - Carolyn Shimmin, Patient Engagement in Research


For Q&A's click here.



Evaluating the implementation and impact of an online tool used within primary care to improve the income security of patients with complex health and social needs in Ontario and Manitoba

CIHR Quick Strike Funding: $190,724.00
Social conditions such as a person’s income security, food security, housing status and educational attainment impact the health of individuals. These social determinants are relevant to caring for patients with complex health and social needs. This research will evaluate an online tool that works by prompting the health provider at several primary care sites to screen for poverty, and if identified, to recommend benefits or other financial resources, as well as local community resources to assist with obtaining these benefits. In addition to further developing a tool in collaboration with Ontario researchers and advisory groups in both jurisdictions, the evaluation will examine implementation feasibility and acceptability; identify challenges and opportunities for its use and; gain user perspectives and outcomes related to patient use.   
Led by Andrew Pinto (St Mike’s in Toronto), there are a number of other Ontario co-investigators as well as Manitoba Principal Applicant, Alan Katz, and co-investigators, Alex Singer, Gayle Halas, Katelin McDermott and Kristin Anderson.


Characterizing high system use across the primary-tertiary care continuum: parallel analyses of select Canadian health datasets

CIHR Quick Strike Funding: $153,265
A small number of users in the health care system disproportionately consume a majority share of health care resources. A better understanding of high system users may lead to improved management of these patients, with a sizeable impact on health care spending, quality of care and patient outcomes. This study will leverage detailed and complementary data from three distinct Canadian sources to improve our understanding of the clinical, social, and demographic characteristics of high system users across the health care continuum.  We will put specific emphasis on patients identified as being medically and/or socially complex and determine how complexity is distributed among high system users.
Led by Tyler Williamson (University of Calgary) and a large team representing four provinces and one territory with Manitoba Principal Applicant, Alex Singer and co-investigators Alan Katz and Gayle Halas.


Gayle Halas, Ph.D, Director                                                            

Phone: 204.977.5666   Fax: 204.594.5394                                                       



Manitoba SPOR Primary and Integrated Healthcare Innovation Network

Family Medicine Research, College of Medicine, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences

George and Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation

Third Floor, Chown Building

753 McDermot Avenue

Winnipeg MB  R3E0T6