News: Pre-Announcement: SPOR's Rewarding Success Initiative

News: Pre-Announcement: SPOR's Rewarding Success Initiative

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Rewarding Success Overview:
To change the paradigm of how successful innovative implementation research is rewarded, CIHR has designed the SPOR Rewarding Success Initiative that will incentivize multidisciplinary research teams and their partners to enhance value-based care, health system sustainability, and health outcomes. Teams will design, implement, and evaluate interventions in healthcare delivery organization(s) that aim to produce healthcare cost savings and/or improved health system efficiency.
The SPOR Rewarding Success Initiative is an experimental funding model that is being piloted in five provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Newfoundland & Labrador. This initiative is similar to other funding models that have been developed to support innovation and impact, such as risk sharing, social impact bonds, and innovation prizes. The basic principle is that teams of patients, healthcare delivery organizations, clinicians, and researchers identify potential solutions to identified problems and priorities in health care; solutions that will enhance patient and provider experience while also:

  1. reducing low value health care (e.g. unnecessary diagnostic tests/ drugs), and/or
  2. addressing health care inefficiencies (e.g. wait lists), and/or
  3. reducing avoidable morbidity (e.g. stroke)

Teams will partner with payers of health services (e.g. Ministries of Health, Regional Health Authorities, insurers, hospitals, etc.) and/or charities and philanthropic organizations who recognize the identified challenges and agree to pay for successful improvement in outcomes, efficiencies, or reduction in low value services based on actual (e.g. lower drug costs) or measured but not readily retrievable savings (e.g. reduction in hospital admissions). Teams and their payers will work together to determine the outcomes, the metrics to be measured, the value of the payback, and the mechanism of the payback. If agreed-upon outcomes are achieved, there will be redistribution of a portion of the savings by the payer, which may be returned to the multidisciplinary research team, and/or redirected into an Innovation Fund, depending upon the agreements outlined. 

Important Dates:

  • Expected launch date: August 2017
  • Expected application deadline: November 2017
  • Funding start date: March 2018