Course: CHSC7400 - Systematic reviews and meta-analyses

Course: CHSC7400 - Systematic reviews and meta-analyses

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January 9th to April 10th, 2013
Wednesdays, 13h00-16h00

Offered by: University of Manitoba, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Community Health Sciences

To view the course syllabus pleas click here.

Who should consider taking this course?

Graduate students (MSc/PhD), physicians (trainees and faculty), investigators and research personnel.

This course will guide participants through the process of completing their own publication quality systematic review and meta-analysis. Whether you are preparing a funding application, or synthesizing knowledge to inform policy or change practice, this course will provide participants with the knowledge and skill-set necessary to plan, conduct, analyze, and report a high quality systematic reviews and meta-analysis.

Course Directors:  Drs. Ryan Zarychanski, Ahmed Abou-setta, and Terry Klassen

Contact: Dr. Ryan Zarychanski at (  204.787.2108) 
for further details and to receive an electronic version of the course syllabus

Permission from the course director is required. Note:  If you are not currently registered as a graduate student, then you must apply to become an “occasional student” before October 15th. Registration details can be found on the CHS website:

The Department of Community of Health Sciences is grateful for the support and resources provided by the George & Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation to facilitate this course


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