News: Evaluating the Prenatal Connections Program

News: Evaluating the Prenatal Connections Program

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CHI conducted an evaluation the Prenatal Connections (PNC) program based in Winnipeg on behalf of Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. PNC offers culturally responsive, client-centered prenatal public health services to women from the Kivalliq region of Nunavut who must travel to Winnipeg for birth. The purpose of the mixed methods evaluation was to describe the program as it was implemented, identify impacts, and areas for improvement in order to improve service and guide expansion.

The evaluation found that approximately two-thirds of women travelling for birth from Nunavut were contacted by PNC. PNC demonstrated positive outcomes related to providing support to clients, addressing health and social concerns and received positive feedback from service users. The evaluation recommended that further efforts should be made to streamline and expand the service and advocate for the needs of women traveling for birth.[AL1] 

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