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Clinical Trials

Our Clinical Trials platform supports Manitoban researchers to engage in high quality, practice changing, patient-oriented research by supporting the implementation of clinical trials in Manitoba. We define a clinical trial as any health related research study involving human participants. Therefore besides interventional studies, we also support researchers to conduct qualitative studies, non-interventional studies and restrospective reviews. 

In partnership with key institutions, the Clinical Trials platform offers the following core services:

  • Methodological input into investigator-driven clinical research
  • Project Management support for large investigator-driven clinical trials
  • Protocol and source documents/case report form templates 
  • A detailed road-map, outlining the steps required to conduct clinical trials in Manitoba
  • Clinical research mentorship and orientation
  • Services and staff to assist with planning and conduct of clinical trials

The support provided by the Clinical Trials platform has been determined in consultation with administrative leaders, investigators and research nurses responsible for supporting and carrying out clinical trials in Manitoba.

Clinical Trials Road Map:

For immediate assistance with trial questions and implementation, please email info@chimb.ca with your request.


Continuing Review and Post- Approval Activities


Protocol Templates

Protocol Requirements by Org and Trial Type

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Case Report Forms and Source Document Tools

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